What We Do

The Bail system ensures the smooth operation of the criminal justice system by guaranteeing the appearance of a defendant at each and every court date. Lacey O’Malley Bail Bond Agency post-Surety (Bail) Bonds for our clients. Our service fee ~ premium ~ is 10% of the full bail amount and is non-refundable. Cash, checks, credit cards are some acceptable forms of payment. Collateral may be required to secure the full bond amount.

What Actually Is A Bail Bond?

Once we post bond, our client has satisfied the bail requirement as determined by the court and can remain out of jail while attending all of the required court dates.

Your Checklist

Have this information ready when calling your agent:

We will then call the facility where the person is being held and determine exact bail information and develop a plan to get the person released.

Our licensed agents maintain the highest standards honesty and integrity. Our agents understand the stress you may face when arranging bail, which is why you can feel confident that we will work at the highest level possible to give you prompt and reliable service. Please know that we will do everything within the limit of the law to help you. We will explain what you can expect and answer any questions you have. You can depend on us to help you through the bail process.

*Remember, many jurisdictions can be slow in releasing inmates from jail, so be patient.

If you have any questions regarding the processing and release of an inmate, please feel free to contact Lacey O’Malley.

The 3 things Lacey O’Malley Bail Bond Agency does ~


We ensure the smooth operation of the criminal justice system by guaranteeing the court that when the defendant is released on bail, they will attend all required court dates.


If the defendant fails to appear in court when required, Lacey O’Malley will contact the defendant and reschedule the court date.


If Lacey O’Malley cannot locate the defendant, the agency will pay the full amount of the bail to the court.


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