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Lacey O’Malley Bail Bond Agency

“My husband and I wanted to thank you for showing us such extreme and uncommon kindness last week. Thank you again for holding my hand and most especially for visiting my husband in jail. Seeing a friendly face did more for my husband than you might realize.”Hanna

“When my daughter got a DUI I didn’t know what to do to get her out of jail. I called the O’Malley firm and was transferred to Dennis. Dennis was amazing, so helpful, so insightful, so friendly when I needed a friend. He even went out of his way to give me advice. I would very highly recommend this firm and thank them from the bottom of my heart!” Kevin H.

“Due to some unfortunate circumstances we had to use their services for a family member. Gayle is the person to be with if you are in a situation where you have no clue how things work. She is kind and sympathetic and goes beyond her professional boundaries to help out. At this time for unknowns having a kind person by your side is utmost important and Lacey O’Malley team provided all the comfort to me and my family on the other side . Really grateful”Khyati M.

“Incredible service! Gail was the kindest and the most angel sent from heaven. No one knew where are roommate or when when he was going to court and she found out it about 3 seconds I almost started crying. Truly the best people and business. Tell your friends!” Mary W.

“It’s not every day I talk to a Bail Bonds agency. I found Lacey O’ Malley through the internet, and wow what a find! Gayle and Den were both incredibly responsive and professional. They provided me with accurate, thorough, and fast information and were kind and compassionate too. I’d absolutely recommend using Lacey O’ Malley to anyone in need of this service. They know what they’re doing.” Michelle R.

“You had better believe that there is a difference between bail bondsmen. Lacey O’Malley represents a standard of professionalism that you expect from support professionals during difficult troubled times. Other bondsmen will sign you up then treat you like a criminal. That is so discouraging. Lacey O’Malley treated me like a client, and I’ve appreciated that to no end. You get in a tight spot – you’ll appreciate how much that means to you too!”Albert H.

“I never thought I’d need a bond agency. When I did, Lacey O’Malley acted far beyond the call of duty. I was totally clueless, and they came to my recuse. They patiently explained every step of the process, told me where to be and when, and what to expect. They were kind, supportive, and compassionate. Everyone at Lacey O’Malley is professional and respectful. I highly, highly recommend them.”Debra B.

“Having to post bail for someone is a stressful event, to say the least! Not to mention it’s not something I ever had to do before – so I was a bit confused about the process. Lacey O’Malley was calm, knowledgeable, and efficient in guiding me through the process. A+”Michele M.

Was a very pleasant and kind, got bail done very fast.
Gayle kept me updated and had process started in 10 minutes. quality
service for my and my family. Highly recommended !! Glenn S.

“Provided excellent help on an old out of state warrant after hours and on a holiday weekend. I wouldn’t think of using anyone else.”Bert S.

“They were very cool as far as bail bond goes which is not my favorite place. At least they didn’t charge paperwork fee like an Aladdin but the bail was 10000 so the bail Bond was $1,000 and I had to charge $11,000 on a card to get my friend out. But I couldn’t go to the jail with 10000 because that would have been reported to the IRS which I preferred not to have happened.”Larry C.

“Used these guys a few times years ago. Very polite and easy to work with. They keep you up to date on things and do everything they can to be helpful and be of service. It’s probably hard to be like in a business like this, but these guys go above and beyond and after a bad experience with another company, I now see why they are so great.”Blake R.

“Worked with Lacey O’Malley. It was a great experience. We were always informed and up to date with information. The process was quick and easy. Their passion to help really shows and I would 100% recommend to anyone looking for their services!”Paige C.

“Exemplary execution that supports their reputation of professionalism and thoroughly knowledgeable experience. Very responsive as well as courteous. Wonderful to have such gentlemen as these handle these situations.”Emily A.

“Lacey O’Malley are Wonderful caring people, go way beyond the call of duty! Employ nothing but the best in the business. Staff is just as caring as they are.”Debra L.

“Super friendly staff, they were able to help explain and walk me through the process. I’ve never had to bail anyone out until this and I felt secure and cared about during a difficult time. Highly suggest using this company!”Melanie M.

“Very Quick and Easy service!”Emerald C.

“Lacey O’Malley Bail Bonds is a reliable and trustworthy company. I would call them anytime.”Kylee H.

“Helpful. Flexable.”Aaron E.