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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

At first glance, Gayle Brandon-Behrend might not seem an obvious choice to lead the respected Lacey O’Malley Bail Bond Agency in Seattle, WA. Originally from the area and a former beauty queen, Gayle also has a degree as a registered nurse and worked with at-risk youth. But with 35+ years in the business, she has gained recognition as an innovative, ethical, and visionary leader. In 1993, she played a major role in creating a law requiring all Washington bail agents be licensed and receive Continuing Education.

Joe and Fran Lacey, for whom the firm was named, acted as Gayle’s teachers and sponsors in the business world. She looks back at them with endless appreciation for their guidance. After a decade of hard work, Gayle bought the company from the Laceys in 1997. Gayle kept up her efforts to enhance the reputation of this industry, which has recently become more widely known due to shows like “Dog The Bounty Hunter”. She played an important role in 2006 in passing a statute that required bail bond recovery agents to be trained and certified, as well as to take frequent Continuing Education courses.

Gayle is an experienced and influential member of multiple organizations, such as Washington State Bail Agents Association (WSBAA) and Professional Bail Agents of the United States (PBUS). She also serves on the board of directors for Crime Stoppers of Puget. In 2005, her peers honored her with the PBUS “Bail Agent of the Year” award and she was inducted into the PBUS Hall of Fame. PBUS is composed of 14,000 bail bond agents across America.

Gayle’s passion and compassion is shared with her business and life partner, husband Denny Behrend, former Seattle police officer and retired deputy U.S. Marshal.

Denny Behrend stands among iconic figures such as Wild Bill Hickok, Bat Masterson, and the three Earp Brothers—Virgil, Morgan, and Wyatt—as a deputy U.S. Marshal. The Washington native and former Seattle police officer faithfully served the Western District of Washington for 27 years, and eventually retired in 2001.

Denny’s cases were famous. One of his most notable cases was that of Christopher Boyce from “The Falcon and the Snowman”. He was part of the team of federal agents who tracked and captured Boyce after he escaped from prison in Port Angeles, Washington. Similarly, he oversaw the arrest of bank robbers Joseph Dougherty and Terry Lee Connors. Furthermore he escorted serial arsonist Martin Pang from Brazil to Seattle to stand trial for multiple murders.

Denny holds the role of Vice President and Director of Public Relations at Lacey O’Malley and is knowledgeable in the fields of marketing, public relations, and the various court systems. His exceptional knowledge of the criminal justice system is respected by members of the law enforcement community, judiciary, and attorneys. In 2010, Denny was appointed to represent Washington State Governor Christine Gregoire’s taskforce that aimed to reform the bail system

Denny, a board member of CrimeStoppers of Puget Sound, was introduced to Gayle Brandon-Behend (now his wife) by John Walsh of America’s Most Wanted fame, and together they manage Washington State’s premier bail bond agency.

Don Kidwell has been in the bail bond business since 2012 and finds it fulfilling due to his skills in conflict management, de-escalation, quick judgment, problem solving, and handling challenging issues acquired from his previous security career and time in the US Army. Don has developed additional skills such as research, organization, and effective communication, and enjoys finding answers to problems. He finds the most fulfillment in reuniting families with their incarcerated members. Don also has a fascination with Bigfoot.

Den Behrend, Jr. has been with Lacey O’Malley for over a decade, and his credentials are impressive. He has three Bachelor of Arts Degrees from the University of Washington in Political Science, Speech Communication, and Asian American Studies. In addition, he holds a Master’s Degree in Education and Technology. He is also certified as a Digital Forensic Analyst and Notary Public. Having lived in Japan for over two decades, Den Jr. is fluent enough in Japanese to help our clients when needed. He is savvy enough to identify and respond to our clients’ needs quickly. Den Jr.’s interests extend past his career: He is an expert on and enthusiast of The Yardbirds.

Christopher Behrend has a background in security and law enforcement, having served in the United States Marine Corps and worked as a contract security supervisor for various government contracts. He has had the opportunity to work with foreign heads of state and dignitaries and was part of the Presidential Security Detail. Christopher has a Bachelor’s degree in security management and an associate’s degree in criminal justice. He joined the Lacey O’Malley team in 2017 as a licensed bail agent, where he has found fulfillment in helping people in difficult situations. On the weekends, he enjoys his leisure time.

Prior to making a career in the bail bond industry, Leo Harison worked in a loss prevention role to accommodate his weightlifting endeavors. Thirteen years ago, he changed to the bail business, intrigued by its engrossing nature and has since been consistently captivated. In his free time, Leo relishes playing sports, engaging in outdoor activities, and reading non-fiction stories.

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