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Ferry County, WA

If you want the very best bail bond services in Ferry County, WA, then you’ve come to the right place. Lacey O’Malley provides prompt bail bond services to all 39 Washington Counties. We work with local holding facilities, judges, and law enforcement, and we have earned our reputation. We can guarantee results where others may fail!

Fast 24/7 Bail Bonds

Both you and your family deserve immediate results when jail is part of the equation. Our expert bail bond agents are here day and night to provide you with 24/7 bail bond services in Ferry County, WA. With just one phone call, you’ll discover that we do not make empty promises. We can truly help secure a quick jail release!

Quick Jail Release In Ferry County

Speaking of a quick jail release, no other bail bond agency can ensure a defendant release within the hour. From the moment you call, our bail bond agents immediately get to work. We begin preparing all the paperwork and the bond itself. Then, we visit the jail in person to speed up the process.

Expert Agents

At Lacey O’Malley, we strive to have the best team of bail bond agents in the state. Our bail bondsmen are among the highest rated and most experienced in the 39 counties of Washington State. We pride ourselves on being able to help families like yours!

About Ferry County, WA

Ferry County, located along the northernmost border of Washington, is relatively small. The largest city, Republic, is also the county seat. It is here that the mountains and valleys of our great country meet with the people who made it all possible.

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