Professional Bail Bond Company In
Douglas County, WA

Your need for professional bail bond services in Douglas County, WA, can come at any moment. You may require an experienced bail bondsman at midnight, or perhaps on the weekend. If that’s the case, know that Lacey O’Malley is on the job. As the oldest and most prestigious bail bond company in the region, we are dedicated to helping the community navigate legal waters and secure bail immediately!

Fast 24/7 Bail Bonds

We proudly serve all 39 Washington state counties 24/7. Yes, that includes Douglas County, and with just one phone call, you can receive experienced bail bond services. Our bail bondsmen are on-call day and night, ready to tackle your situation and ensure you or your loved one has the freedom they deserve before trial.

Quick Jail Release In Douglas County

With decades of experience, Lacey O’Malley is able to secure a quick jail release in Douglas County, WA. We work with local jails and holding facilities daily. As such, we know their procedures and regulations. When you call, we can typically provide bail within the hour. It’s a simple process for our experts. Give us a call so we can begin the paperwork and making the necessary arrangements.

Expert Agents

Since 1945, Lacey O’Malley has hired expert bail bond agents to tackle each case. Today, we have an established team of competent, courteous, and honest professionals. When you call, you’ll be immediately connected with one of our agents. There, you’ll have all your questions and concerns answered promptly.

About Columbia County, WA

Douglas County is home to East Wenatchee Bench, its largest settlement. With such an immense expanse of wildlife and beautiful countryside, Douglas County is the top choice for nature lovers and those seeking new opportunities.

Today is the day you seek your freedom! Call Lacey O’Malley for immediate bail bond services in Douglas County, WA, at Phone: (206) 622-2668!